Basic Boss B!tch Keychain + 2 Mystery Heat Packs + Hand Sanitizer
Basic Boss B!tch Keychain + 2 Mystery Heat Packs + Hand Sanitizer
Basic Boss B!tch Keychain + 2 Mystery Heat Packs + Hand Sanitizer
Basic Boss B!tch Keychain + 2 Mystery Heat Packs + Hand Sanitizer
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Basic Boss B!tch Keychain + 2 Mystery Heat Packs + Hand Sanitizer

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Our BASIC BOSS B!TCH SET includes: 

  • LANYARD WRISTLET: All self-defense tools are attached to this durable lanyard wristlet, so that you can easily grab your keychain and go.
  • PomPom Ball: Purely for aesthetic purposes. 
  • LED LIGHT SECURITY ALARM: This security alarm is portable and easy-to-use. Simply just pull out the pin in dangerous or emergency situations and it will immediately release a very loud 130~140 DB alarm, which will draw attention to you and alert nearby people that you are in danger. This alarm is also equipped with a powerful LED light. 
  • 3-in-1 NO TOUCH DOOR OPENER: This no touch door opener with an ergonomic design can be used to easily open doors, pull drawer handles, press elevator buttons and more. Our no touch door opener is also equipped with a no touch stylus, enabling you to touch public ATM machines, self check-out machines and other public touchscreens without using your finger.  When going out or when you are on-the-go, this tool is also useful because you can use it to open bottles.  
  • HAND SANITIZER HOLDER: It is recommended by Health Canada to use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer if you do not have soap and water available to reduce the spread of COVID-19 and to protect yourself. With this in mind we have conveniently added a hand-sanitizer holder onto this keychain that fits a 1 fl oz hand sanitizer. 

 NOTE: Compliance to municipal, provincial and federal laws is the customer's responsibility. 

HEAT PACK Details:

  • Please Note: You will receive TWO MYSTERY HEAT PACKS. As such, you will NOT know the heat pack shape and colour until your package arrives. Ex. You may receive one purple rectangle and one blue heart heat pack.
  • Instant Heat: Snapping the small metal disk inside the heat pack, instantly releases a heat, reaching up to 53 degrees Celsius. 
  • Long-Lasting: The heat pack has a long-lasting heat that lasts about 50-60 minutes. 
  • Reusable: Unlike one-use heat packs, our heat packs are reusable. Simply recharge your heat pack after each use and continue using it over and over. 
  • Portable: Our heat packs are the perfect portable sizes to keep in your jacket pockets, purses, bags, backpacks or suitcases. 
  • Versatile Uses: Our heat packs can be used as regular heat packs during cold weathers or hand warmers. These heat packs can also be used to ease abdominal cramps/pain, menstrual pain, muscle pain, neck, shoulder and back pain, joint pain and more. 

How to Activate Your Heat Pack: Simply snap (or bend) the small metal disk inside your heat pack and heat will instantly be released. 

How to Recharge Your Heat Pack: 
1. Boil Water 
2. Drop your heat pack in the boiling water and boil it for 20 minutes
3. Remove from water. 
4. Allow your heat pack to cool to room temperature. 
5. Use your heat pack again!  


  • Hand Sanitizer Containing 70% Alcohol
  • Authorized and Approved by Health Canada
  • No Sticky Residue 
  • Helps limit the spread of microorganisms 

    How to Use: 
    Place enough hand sanitizer into one hand to wet both hands completely
    2. Rub the hand sanitizer together between hands, fingers and under nails
    3. Make sure to rub hands for at least 15 seconds 

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